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doña daisy

doña daisy

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this Gesha is processed coffee as a White Honey, meaning that the outer skin of the cherry is removed, and less than 25% of the mucilage is left on the beans when drying. this is how “washed coffee” is normally done in Costa Rica, which gives a very elegant cup. the Dona Daisy is dried for 25-32 days which is long compared to other specialty coffee producers in the region. 
an delicate and floral aroma. tropical fruits, jasmine and honeydew melon, with a refreshing finish of clementineelegant and juicy mouthfeel.
drink it slow and let it cool down!
  • producer: Daisy and Pepe Fallas
  • region: Central Valle
  • altitudine: 1700 masl
  • varietal: Gesha
  • process: White Honey
  • harvest: February — March 2021
  • best beyond: filter 4—30 days | espresso 10—60 days
  • 250g box

given the preciousness of this coffee, we don't foresee the grinding service

don't forget to use a good water to brew your cup