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el zorzal

el zorzal

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  • producer: el zorzal
  • country: dominican republic 
  • varietal: trinitario
  • ingredients: organic cacao beans, organic cane sugar, croissant, organic cacao butter, butter, milk powder
  • minimum cacao: 48%

this Dominican Republic cocoa is grown by 25 smallholder-farming families in the province of Duarte. the farmers receive training in organic and bird-friendly farming techniques. in El Zorzal farm cacao grows across 200km of natural forest. when the cocoa is collected, it's fermented for 6 days, then is dried directly in the sun for a week.

the final product is a cocoa with a chocolaty profile with nutty and dried flowers notes such as chamomile, rose and citronella. on the other half of this chocolate bar there is a butter croissant crumble baked by Acid Bakehouse in Madrid. a butter croissant with a flaky texture that combines perfectly with this classic profile cacao.

finally we have added croissant flakes on the back to give it the love it deserves.

70g — 2.4 oz bar